“I made an order yesterday! YAAY!! Brody was almost out. :)
Here's a picture I took today of him enjoying one of his last Kona's Chips before the new order arrives. :)
Thanks for such a great product!!"

“I received my order of KonasChips today. Wow! My dogs went nuts! When I learn of a product as wonderful as this, I like to share with my friends."


"I just received your Treat Sampler Pack and my Coton de Tulear 'Ricky' couldn't wait until I opened the box. He had to sample all of the treats right
away and he LOVED everything! Ricky and his poodle sister 'Capri' wait by the refrigerator for their daily snack of Kona's Chips.

Thanks for caring about our furry
friends and making delicious, safe treats."


"I am so glad that I found your website.
I have two Pomeranians. Angel, eats anything and never gets sick. The other one, Biskit, recognizes the veterinarian's building when he sees it from a distance, since he has been so often. We have thought that we were going to lose him several times, from vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy symptons. I am trying to find foods and treats that don't make
him sick.

I found out the hard way about the Chinese chicken strips, but had no idea that others experienced the same problem until I visited your website.

Sounds like Biskit went through the same thing as Kona. He was at the vet with an IV in him, close to death for 3 days. The vet never did know what was wrong with him. Now I think I know. Fortunately we threw out the chicken strips that we had. As much as Biskit loved them and was addicted to them, we finally realized that he got sick each night that we had given him one in the morning.Thank you!!!"


"I received the sample treats and
Maddie went nuts! She did the 'happy Havanese' dance! I ordered her the 1lb bag today and know she will be a very happy pooch. Thanks for making a safe, healthy product that I can feel good about giving to my furry friend."

“Just to let you know that Kona's Chips arrived & my pups (all 3) love
them! I am so glad I can feed them chicken strips without worry.
You may not have seen (I work as a scientist at a company & I get
frequent updates from the FDA). Many thanks again!”
-New York

“I wanted to thank you so much for the sample of Kona's Chips that arrived today. My two Yorkies absolutely love them and they smell so good, I wanted to eat one myself! In the past I have given them treats from China and thankfully they have no ill effects, but thinking back to some of their strange illnesses and symptoms, I now wonder. Never again. I just placed an order.
I am so glad to have found Kona's Chips!”
-North Dakota-

Sugar Bear

“We received the sample of Kona's Chip's, yesterday, and Sugarbear LOVES them!!! We are definitely interested in being a Kona's Club member and will be ordering a larger package of Kona's Chips, today!!!”


"My Chloe, a Coton de Tulear has gone totally BERSERK for your chips!!!
I heard about Kona's Chips thanks to Mon Cherie and her mom Heidi. So last week I ordered the Valentine's Day package. Chloe loves the soft cookies (they smell so yummy I was going to taste them myself) but hands down she is crazy for the chips !!

Please understand, I have a dog who hates virtually every treat out there. For training I have to use a piece of turkey. Or rather, I did till I received your treats. They have turned Chloe from a treat hater into a treat lover. And in fact she has never liked chicken strips before.

She is addicted to these chips. As I write this she is sitting at my feet, awaiting another chip from the bag that is sitting next to me on the desk.

A friend said if they came in a 50 lb bag she would buy it.. and I have to agree with her!
These are amazing and I will certainly
be ordering them in the future...........again, and again and again......."
Thanks again.
Chloe's mom, Victoria
-New York-


“It was an exciting day here when your Valentine package arrived. Our Pom, Foxy, is crazy for the jerky and she also really liked the Hearts and Bones. What I wanted to also tell you is that our cats like the jerky and treats. We have 2 big males and they are every bit as crazy for the treats and jerky. Foxy, Pinky and Lefty say thank you.

"Thank you so much! I got them today and Brutus, my chihuahua LOVES them!! I just placed an order for some more. Kathy

“Just wanted to say WOW! You guys are AWESOME...what AMAZING customer service you have!”

“Thank you! My order arrived today and my little Lupa got so excited when she sniffed out the box and just knew they were for her. She is working on her
kong that is filled with your chips now. She thanks you and I thank you too. I'm sure we will be placing another order soon!”


“I have never seen my buddy, Trisket,
as interested in a snack as he is in the Kona's Chips. Trisket is my service dog and Kona's Chips make a great training and performance reward. I break them into pieces and carry them in my bait bag. Thank you so much for making a healthy, safe product.”

“Funny it may sound. My 2 girls (cocker spaniels) are driving me nuts until they get their Kona's Chips. I can't satisfy
them with anything else.”

“I would like to re-order 3 packages of the chips. They work so perfect on top
of my dogs food when they eat. They absolutely go bonkers for them. Thank you for developing this process.”

“Emma loves them. I will let everyone that I encounter with a dog know about you guys, and I’ll be back! Well, here’s my dark secret – I tried one myself –
and they’re not bad!”


“I received the free sample and my super picky Cavalier LOVES them! Now, this is really saying a lot. I think I have about 9 - 10 other types of treats, he
will not even touch fact, when
I try to give them to him he does this "backing up" thing that is pretty funny...but, getting pretty expensive!
I would like more information on Kona's Klub. Thanks!”

“Your chicken jerky sample arrived in today's mail. Thank you so much. My
two little terriers went wild when I opened the package. They love boiled
chicken, but have never had jerky before. I broke of two tiny bits of
chicken for them and they were wolfed down instantly.

I have a Yorkie with hardly any teeth left and she only eats soft foods. I
was going to soak her bit in warm water to re-hydrate it, but she put it in
her mouth and ate it right down."

Kona's Friends



"Hello! I'm extremely happy to report that my order arrived today!'s true what I've read about Kona's Chips. Dogs CAN smell them through the box! Lol

I set Gracie's goodies on the counter and she started jumping, jumping, jumping...trying to see what she could reach. I gave her a piece of the jerky...which she devoured...then she started jumping again, because she realized there was a toy up there. Needless to say, she's gone nuts for GoughNuts, as well as the jerky!

Thank you for making my sweet girl one very happy camper! And thank you for making these products! I know I can rest assured that the jerky is safe and won't make her sick. I've given her some jerky treats before and she was sick afterwards, but I never associated it with the jerky until I read the info online. I'm almost sure that was the cause of her problems. I'm so thankful that she is alright.

So...looks like we will be ordering more from Kona's Chips! And...I'm going to spread the news about these products to all my friends!"

Sincerely, Allyson & Gracie
Sent from my iPhone
- Texas -

The Dance

"My order arrived just a few minutes ago, ahead of schedule, no less. I'm delighted with the chicken jerky treats. But even more exciting is that the boyz love them, too. Thanks for such prompt service."

Tucker - AKC Grand Championship

Tucker just received his AKC Grand Championship this past weekend! He is nationally ranked now around 15th of all Australian Cattledogs in the country.
Using Kona chips, chicken, beef, lamb treats his coat and condition look great and no matter his treat "needs" during a show weekend we never worry about his diet and nutrition.
Thanks again for amazingly consistent quality products !

Thanks for a great product,


We got the package! Thanks - We are soooo happy! wag, wag,wag,wag,wag!

His name is Jagger. I am 52 and he is my first Dog.
Boy was I missing out!!!! I love the picture and story about Kona.
Thanks for great products.

-New York-


"Lucky received his Yummies on Monday!
He was so excited! His eyes just pop when he sees the box. The mailman even
knocks to let me know 'his box is here'!
(Everyone is trained) HA!
I am attaching a new picture of Lucky waiting for the mailman.
Loves loves loves the Chicken Krispies. You should see his face when he bit
down and it crunched! 'WOW' would be his words."
-North Carolina-

Biscuit and Daisy

"Just wanted to let you know that we or rather Biscuit thinks that Konas chips are the deal! I have never seen him get so excited about any treat....i just show him the bag and he goes nuts. I appreciate the care and effort taken to provide a healthy alternative for our dogs which are so important to us. Kudos to Konas!"

Jack and Nick

“I just wanted to let you know that Jack (white) and Nick could hardly wait until I got the box open. I guess they smelled that fresh roasted chicken smell right through the box. Once opened, they begged for their first taste of Kona’s Chips. They absolutely love them and was very disappointed when I put them in the refrigerator. Kona’s Chips are a big hit at our house. I will be ordering more. Jack and Nick thank you for the made in the USA Kona’s Chips.”
Sally and Gary

TyAva's Out of Oz, Toto

“Toto absolutely loves Kona's Chips and gives them four paws up!! My husband and I were both amazed at the heavenly smell when we opened them ... they smelled just like fresh cooked chicken! My only regret is that I didn't find your site sooner.”

“Well, got the free sample of chicken jerky today and WOW WOW WOW!
Both my DOGs love it! So I will be ordering some.
I think you have a really great product.”
“Thank you so much!!! You guys rock!!! My dogs are freaks about them, love them! Chaz, my Rottie-Lab mix, will just dance and dance when I get them out of the fridge! It is horrible what Kona had to go thru to create these, but we appreciate, as dog owners, to know that these treats are safe for our babies! Thanks again!”


"Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today; our three guys are looking forward to eating their Kona's Chips!"
- Arizona -

Mon Cherie

“Thank you so much for the trial package of Kona's chips. My coton Mon Cherie
virtually attacked me as I opened the package. She loves them and so do
all the members of our group Coton friends. A real winner!!!! You
should be getting many orders.”

“Including the samples that you sent us, this was our 3rd order of Kona’s Chips!
We have five Papillons and two large mixed breeds. Our gang loves your chips. In fact when they are given their treat before bed, they go into a feeding frenzy.
Our gang of hoodlums are very picky when it comes to eating, but oh my, how they do love Kona’s.”
Harry and Bernita
-New York-

Rowdy and Minnie

"I received the sample you sent me yesterday, thank you! I wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that my dogs went nuts for these treats. They smelled them through the packaging, and after I opened the packing envelope - they ran off with it and wouldn't give it back! When the actual treats came out of the bag - WHOA NELLY.. it was crazy! My dogs absolutely loved these treats! I will be ordering as soon as I can - Thanks for the sample, and for making a great, SAFE product."

Miss Tara O'Hara

"Just a quick note to say thank you, on behalf of my toy poodle Miss Tara O'Hara, for developing Kona's Chips with such obvious care and love. We were impressed first by their freshness...they are actually pliable, not rock hard like
the ones from you-know-where. And the texture and smell was equally attention grabbing. But of course the big question was would she like them ! Duh !

The look on her face was pitiful when I had to put the rest of the sample in the fridge. We had recently tried another made-in-USA sample but were nowhere near so impressed as with Kona's Chips; and the local variety was much more expensive. So thank you for the sample and I shall be ordering from you... or bear the wrath of one phantom poodle."


Mon Cherie was overwhelmed when the mail carrier rang our bell and brought the package with the Kona chips. She immediately helped me open it and got a
sample. She thanks you very much for the gift of the cookies. She got
one for dessert after her dinner. YUMMY and I am sure they'll be a hit.

Mon Cherie has a best friend named Gigi, also a coton. Her mom also ordered her a bag of Kona chips after she gave Gigi one of the chips to try. She loved
them. Her package arrived on Saturday. And she attacked the letter
carrier; she could smell the chips thru the package.

I am so glad you produce these treats that I can trust."
Sincerely Heidi
Mon Cherie's mom

Jackson and Lucky Louie

“I want to find a good treat for Lucky Louie so I can sleep in peace!
p.s. I love Kona’s Chips!”
-West Virginia-

“I am writing to thank you. After reading about the problems with the jerky strips produced in China, I was very upset. Those strips were the only treat my finicky little bichon, Marshmallow liked! While reading stories about people's sick pets, I came across a link to your site. We placed an order, and also shared the information we found with our friends on a bichon forum I frequent. I can't believe how fast our order arrived! Not only that, but Marshmallow loves these even more than the other strips she was getting! Woohoo!

She goes to the fridge and wags her tail expectantly, waiting for me to go get her one. I'm glad we got some of the Bits o' Chips so I can give them to her more often. Her 5 month old little brother, Buster, loves them, too. He is teething right now, so a yummy Kona's Chip hits the spot for him! I've talked to another lady on the forum and she got her order just as quickly as we, and her bichons love them just as much as ours! Thank you, Kona's Chips, for a great, all-American product! Job well done!”


"I wanted to thank you for giving me peace of mind. My 8 year old spoiled "rotten"weiler loves chicken strips. They were her bedtime treat until the news about ones made in China came out. I have been searching & searching for some made in America & I finally found your website. For Christmas I ordered her some but when the strips arrived they were made in China as well. Anyway, I got yours and was very pleased, as was Pooh. They smell so good, I wanted to eat one. As soon as I opened the bag she woke up from a dead sleep 2 rooms away and came running to find out what the smell was. I let her try them & she was so happy. I am happy too. Thanks for helping me do what's best for my baby girl.

"I have been surfing the internet looking for safe dog treats for my and my friends dogs. I was pleased to find a product made in the USA after
searching under dog chicken jerky made in USA."

"I am writing with a heavy heart after my dog's puppy became very ill and died after consuming Chickey Jerky treats by (brand name deleted). They were a gift to the dogs and wrapped like any present. Because we did not know the package contained food it was placed under the tree.

Teddy stole the package and ate it. Within several days he was deathly ill, and unfortunately he was in complete kidney failure despite the aggressive treatment given by our specialsts. We are all heartbroken and missing our sweet sunny boy.

I am happy that Kona survived the experience with the chinese jerky products and am grateful that you are making a safe product available.

I am looking for a safe and healthy treat for the dogs (Kissy, 17 years,
Komet, 10 years, Bakari, 4 years, and Rafiki, 3 years and also for Teddy's sister Mali, 8 years old) and found your web site. They are all Basenjis and their breed is predisposed to Fanconi Syndrome, exactly like the type of disease caused by the Chinese Jerky Treats. I had tested all the dog's DNA for this disorder and was so happy that they all tested clear. Then to have this happen has shaken all of us. I would like to inform the basenji clubs about the treats you offer, and how much the dogs enjoy them ...I am sure we will become a regular customer."

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