“I made an order yesterday! YAAY!! Brody was almost out. 🙂
Here's a picture I took today of him enjoying one of his last Kona's Chips before the new order arrives. 🙂 
Thanks for such a great product!!"

“I received my order of KonasChips today. Wow! My dogs went nuts! When I learn of a product as wonderful as this, I like to share with my friends."



We got the package! Thanks - We are soooo happy! wag, wag,wag,wag,wag!

His name is Jagger. I am 52 and he is my first Dog.
Boy was I missing out!!!! I love the picture and story about Kona. 
Thanks for great products.

-New York-


Rowdy and Minnie

"I received the sample you sent me yesterday, thank you! I wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that my dogs went nuts for these treats. They smelled them through the packaging, and after I opened the packing envelope - they ran off with it and wouldn't give it back! When the actual treats came out of the bag - WHOA NELLY.. it was crazy! My dogs absolutely loved these treats! I will be ordering as soon as I can - Thanks for the sample, and for making a great, SAFE product."


Miss Tara O'Hara

"Just a quick note to say thank you, on behalf of my toy poodle Miss Tara O'Hara, for developing Kona's Chips with such obvious care and love. We were impressed first by their freshness...they are actually pliable, not rock hard like 
the ones from you-know-where. And the texture and smell was equally attention grabbing. But of course the big question was would she like them ! Duh !

The look on her face was pitiful when I had to put the rest of the sample in the fridge. We had recently tried another made-in-USA sample but were nowhere near so impressed as with Kona's Chips; and the local variety was much more expensive. So thank you for the sample and I shall be ordering from you... or bear the wrath of one phantom poodle."



Mon Cherie was overwhelmed when the mail carrier rang our bell and brought the package with the Kona chips. She immediately helped me open it and got a
sample. She thanks you very much for the gift of the cookies. She got
one for dessert after her dinner. YUMMY and I am sure they'll be a hit.

Mon Cherie has a best friend named Gigi, also a coton. Her mom also ordered her a bag of Kona chips after she gave Gigi one of the chips to try. She loved
them. Her package arrived on Saturday. And she attacked the letter
carrier; she could smell the chips thru the package.

I am so glad you produce these treats that I can trust."
Sincerely Heidi
Mon Cherie's mom