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The Advantages of Quality High Protein Treats for your Dog

Two times Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling said:
Nearly all desease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency"

Most all of our treats are high protein boasting treats, nutrition in every bite for your dog. They provide an extremely better balance for your dog's nutritional needs instead of starch and carb based processed treats that are so common these days. Look at the label, check out the percentage of protein. All our jerkies have very high protein content and low fat and carbs.

Simple ingredients. Most of our products are sourced from California, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. They are rich in nutrients that your dog needs and loves.


Treats that provide extra nutrition for your dog's health needs



All of our Chicken Jerky, Beef Jerky, Lamb are rich in protein and low in fats and carbs. Protein helps stabilize the blood sugar and gives your dog the energy boast they need during the day.

Chicken and Sweet Potato Jerky  have many nutrients.

Sweet potatoes are packed with plenty of health benefits. They offer nutrients, vitamins and cancer-fighting antioxidants that promote canine health. Rich in Amino Acids and boost antioxidant activity to rid the body of free radicals, which can help fight cancer and other harmful diseases. They are a high fiber, heart healthy treat for your dog. Naturally high in Beta-carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Potassium.

The Liver Licks are made from Chicken liver that is known to be rich in amino acids, protein, phosphorous, potassium, copper, and Vitamin A & B-complex.

The Liver Licks KICKS also have Biovaplex™ made from natural egg shell membrane that contains a complex of powerful natural compounds such as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen, to name just a few. Canine clinical trials by veterinarians have shown significantly increased joint mobility, so much so, that participants requested to continue using this breakthrough nutritional supplement at their own expense after the study conclusion.

Do You Know the FDA Warning Signs For Dogs?



Our beautiful black Pomeranian, Kona, became seriously ill in 2007 from eating chicken jerky from China. After research, we found that both the Federal Drug Administration and the American Veterinary Medical Association had issued warnings to dog owners about feeding chicken jerky products from China. Believe it or not, most chicken pet treat products in major chain stores and pet stores are Made in China.

Most unsuspecting and loving dog owners have no idea that the product they are feeding their beloved dogs are made from foreign sources. Many of these products are packed by an American company and sold under their name, which is displayed prominently on the package. However, if you check the back label, near the bottom, or underneath the package, you will usually find in very small letters, these three little words: Made in China.

Does your dog have these symptoms? FDA Warning Signs:

* Decreased appetite, although some may continue to eat the treats but not other food.
* Decreased activity or lethargy.
* Vomiting and diarrhea, sometimes with blood.
* Increased water drinking and urination.

(If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms and you are feeding imported pet treats, discontinue immediately and consult a veterinarian.) Dogs can be wild about chicken jerky, but it's important to find a source that is not imported and uses USDA inspected and approved chicken with no additives. Be sure to inspect your dog treat packages for country of origin and ingredient labels.

Sadly, reports continue about dogs falling ill from chicken jerky products made in China. Make sure your precious pet doesn't fall victim to poisoning from foreign pet treats! To view the warnings, see the following links:

FDA Warning

Busting the Myth That the Pet Food Scare From China is Over



They took care of it, right?

Remember "way back" in 2007, when scores of companies were recalling dog and cat food due to contamination with melamine? Melamine, which can be toxic in high doses, was found present in gluten imported from China, which brings elasticity or chewiness to pet food products. While federal testing identified the melamine, a New York State laboratory also cited aminopterin, a rat poison, as the possible culprit in the pet food. Numerous FDA Warnings were issued while the media highlighted the food recall, including the horrifying amount of pet deaths across the nation.

While the exact number of dog and cat deaths is unknown, one thing is sure: the scare from toxic pet food imported from China was real and it increased awareness from loving dog and cat owners all across the country about the dangers of imported pet food.

But that was 2007, and this is now. They took care of it, right? Read on....
Our own black Pomeranian, Kona, nearly died in 2007 from imported chicken jerky from China. And that's over now too, right? Think again--the brand that made Kona ill and the others that are imported from China still sit on pet store and big box store shelves today. And, guess what? Despite the FDA Warnings and the warnings from the American Veterinary Medical Association, the products are still selling and more importantly, still causing illness and death in dogs.

How can that be? Is it because the price of chicken jerky from China is cheaper and pet owners don't think about future veterinary bills? Is it because people don't scour the labels on the chicken jerky treats for three tiny words, Made in China? Is it because American companies and pet stores still import and sell these products to make big bucks?

After Kona nearly died from eating tainted chicken jerky from China, we started our own company in order to raise awareness about the dangers of imported treats and to prevent the needless suffering of innocent pets. Since 2008, we have continued to receive emails and phone calls from heartbroken pet owners about their stories. Here's an excerpt from a customer's email we received yesterday:

"In 2009 we started feeding our dog chicken jerky that was made in China. I questioned 'China' after hearing all the bad stuff about pet foods coming from there, but we trusted the owner of the pet shop and she said the chicken strips were checked by the U.S. and were safe. We bought them and gave them to our dog. But when our dog had her yearly wellness blood screen done, two items for kidney function were really elevated, indicating kidney disease: B.U.N. (blood area nitrogen- elevated numbers may indicate kidney disease, intestinal disease, dehydration, nutritional disease) and Creatinine (indicates kidney disease).

Then my sister told me about USA made Kona's Chips. I went to their site and found information that sounded exactly like Coco's bad blood results. We immediately got rid of the China-made chicken strips and ordered Kona's Chips. Coco loved them, both the chicken and turkey. She's been eating them daily for a few months now and yesterday we had her yearly blood screen done. I told my vet what we've been thinking, that the China made chicken strips were the problem with her two previous blood panel results. We were anxious to see her new blood screening results. He just called me. Her results are all NORMAL. Every item is within the normal ranges! He is convinced (and it's exactly what we suspected) that the chicken jerky from China had caused her kidney functions to be elevated in her blood work. He said it's very fortunate that we quit using them when we did. Keep up the great work, Kona!"

Barb - Michigan

The above email was recently received and it's well past the 2007 pet food scare from China recall. But they fixed that, right? It's over, right?

That story was just one of the many we have received, from the heart-broken breeder whose puppy mistakenly ate an entire package of imported chicken jerky treats wrapped under the Christmas tree, and died within 24 hours from kidney failure on Christmas Day, to the darling stroller-riding 3-pound Chihuahua from Los Angeles who died within hours of eating one tainted chicken jerky strip from China.

News Flash: It's not over. Read your pet food and treat labels. Check chicken jerky bags for three tiny words: Made in China and / or Product of China.

Follow the advice of the veterinarian who replied to our customer when asked about chicken jerky imported from China: "I would never feed my dog ANYTHING that was made in China."

Fight the profit mongers who want to make the big bucks at the expense of your pet.


Do you have Samples my dog could try?

Yes, our Samples are located here.

What is the source of the chicken for Kona’s Chips?

Our Chicken Jerkies are 100% USDA inspected and approved chicken breasts from California and Texas. Kona’s Chips chicken is the same chicken that you would buy for your family at the grocery store. Our Turkey and Beef are also 100% USDA inspected and approved from California.

I am concerned that the chicken jerky brand I am feeding my dog is made in China. How can I find out?

Most of the major chicken jerky brands being sold in major pet retail locations use chicken that comes from China, even though they are processed and packaged in America. You can check your product by scouring the label (usually on the back) for three words in very small print, “Made in China” or "Product of China".

There are some packages now displaying "Made in USA" on the front of package, often have "Product of China" on back of the package.

How can I raise awareness among pet owners about this problem?

Kona’s Chips mission is to raise awareness about the dangers of chicken jerky pet treats produced from foreign sources. Of course, pet owners would not knowingly feed their dogs harmful treats. There are many stories of dogs who have become ill or died and only later did their owners make the connection to tainted products. Our puppy Kona was a victim too, and thus Kona’s Chips were born. Please help us to raise awareness by mentioning this to all pet owners you know, regardless if you mention Kona’s Chips or not, it is important to get the word out so that helpless, innocent dogs don’t suffer needlessly. Particularly, elderly pet owners or those who do not use the internet should be advised.

Are Kona’s Chips safe for puppies?

Kona’s Chips are ideal for puppy treats for all puppies who are on solid foods. The chips can be broken into smaller sizes as needed.

Are Kona’s Chips healthy for older dogs?

Kona’s Chips are healthy treats for the senior dog who may be on a restricted diet. The chicken is hand-trimmed of fat.

Is Kona’s Chips sold in pet stores?

Yes, Kona’s Chips is currently being made available to retail pet stores, please see the store locations: Store Locations
Ask your pet store to contact Kona's Chips about carrying our product.

How is Kona’s Chips shipped to the customer?

Kona’s Chips are shipped in sturdy boxes to our customers via Priority Mail and larger packages via FedEx.

How soon should I expect my Kona’s Chips order to ship?

Your order will be shipped within 2-3 working days, most often they are shipped the next working day. The product should arrive within 2-5 days of shipping depending on your location. You will receive an email when it is shipped that contains a tracking number for easy location of your package.

How should I store Kona’s Chips?

Upon arrival, Kona’s Chips are ready to be eaten and enjoyed by your pet. All of our products have 1 to 2 years shelf life in the unopened bag and are protected in transit even in extreme temperatures like Arizona, Texas and Florida. We have been shipping our products across the nation since 2007.

Our products do not require refrigeration. Please do not refrigerate, freeze or leave in the open sunlight. That does create condensation in the bag. Just place on the counter at room temperature.

As Kona’s Chips are a natural jerky product, they may continue to dry and show slight discoloration. Please reseal any ziplock bags to maintain freshness.

Please Note: As with any dog treat, please provide supervision and drinking water while your dog is eating Kona's Chips dog treats.

I have a specific question about Kona’s Chips, how can I get an answer?

Simply send us an email at: and we will respond to your inquiry within 1-2 business days.

My Shipping Address is Wrong

The shipping at our facility is very automated. We never change your shipping information or order information in any way. Whatever you write in the "Shipping Address" section is simply printed on your shipping label automatically by our shipping software.  We never edit, modify or enter it ourselves manually.

Please be careful that you enter it correctly. If you use PayPal please check that your shipping address in PayPal is correct. We email an order confirmation immediately after you place your order. Please check your shipping address on your order confirmation so the package can be delivered correctly.

If it is incorrect please notify use as soon as possible we will make every effort to correct it. The sooner we know the easier it is to correct.

Your dog will thank you!

Kona's Chips Privacy Statement

Your email address is never sold or shared in any way with anyone. Our automatic shipping software sends your shipping notification and tracking number to the email address you enter when your package is shipped.

I want the Post Office to leave the package on my porch

Most postal carriers have the descrection to leave the package on your porch or take it back to the post office. They will always re-deliver with a simple call to your local post office asking for a re-delivery and to leave it on your porch. Another way that has had 100% success is to write in all capital letters "LEAVE ON PORCH" in the special instructions on your order. We use an automatic label shipping software and it is automatically printed out on the shipping label for the carrier to see in big letters. Your dog will appreciate that.

How can I track my package?

When your package ships our shipping program automatically sends you an email to the email address that you entered when you placed your order. It will say "KONA'S CHIPS Tracking Information". At the bottom of the email you will find the "Tracking number". Simple copy and paste that number into Google and it will show you the exact status of your package.

Please note that sometimes the first time the email will go into your junk folder and will need to be marked as safe. Also it will takes a few hours after you first receive the email for the postal service and FedEx to scan the package into their tracking systems.

Why it is to my benefit to use our online shopping cart

Dear Kona’s Chips Customer,

We appreciate your business and are delighted you choose Kona’s Chips for your best friend!

The totally secure and safe shopping cart offered on our website is the primary method of entering orders for all customers. We know efficiency and quick turnaround of orders is your choice also. Your direct order entry will assure you of fast delivery and reduce potential errors and delays. Your management of purchases and credit card or PayPal, provides an optimum shopping experience on our secure website.

When you go to, you learn about new products and features. The shopping cart is easy to use. You do not have to set up a login and password.

Our business has grown, thanks to good customers like you, and Kona’s Chips customer service division is no longer able to provide personalized orders by phone, email, or fax.

Thank you for your understanding.