Turkey and Duck Sticks 8 oz


Turkey and Duck Sticks

Crunchy, tasty treat sticks

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Turkey and Duck Sticks 8 Oz

 Here are some crunchy sticks of Turkey and Duck jerky that are sure to please.

 A great taste combination.

 So many dogs were bred as hunting dogs and bringing back the duck is instinctive.

 Duck has a unique taste they never forget.

 We have had so many requests for a USA Duck product… here it is!

 These sticks break apart easily into smaller pieces.

 Duck is a common protein ingredient in hypoallergenic dog foods; it is easier to digest than chicken for many dogs.

 Made in the USA of course.

Please provide drinking water and supervision with all dog treats.

Samples available for your dog’s tasting.

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Ingredients: Turkey, Duck, and sweet potato

Feeding Instructions: dogs to 5-15 lbs 2 pieces a day,
15-40 lbs 3 pieces, more than 40 lbs 4 pieces.

Crude Protein (min) . . . 70%
Crude Fat (min) . . . . . . . 5%
Crude Fiber (max) . . . . 8%
Moisture (max) . . . . . . 10%


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