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Made in the USA
This unique All-American brand of chicken dog treats are made with love and premium sliced USA chicken breasts, Kona’s Chips are produced in America, processed in America, and packaged in America. You can be assured in knowing that your dog is sinking his teeth into a safe and healthy snack!

Quality High Protein Natural Treats
There is a distinct advantage with our natural high protein boosting treats for your dog. They provide an extremely better balance for your dog's nutritional needs. Simple ingredients, natural, high protein and nutrition in every bite. Give your dog the best there is ... give your dog a bag of Kona's Chips!


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What Our Customers Are Saying
"I'm just writing to thank you for making such a great product! We were looking for hearty and healthy treats made in the U.S. and came across your site. Ever since our first order, our dog, Stan, has been absolutely obsessed with your products and it makes us so happy to see him get excited (he knows the sound of opening the bag and comes running) and eagerly devour your treats.   Thank you!"
Brad, Shirin & Stan   -New York-


"A great product should be praised.
My dogs are the world to me.... Keep up the great products!"

Christine, Bandit and Sadie- North Carolina


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